ADD ProS d.o.o.

ADD ProS provides engineers and scientists with best in class computer-based systems for making periodical and automated tests and measurements easier than ever. To help you boost your productivity and success we deliver top class professional service and solutions. We were founded as a spin-off by highly experienced and highly trusted employees at National Instruments.

ADD ProS is the official distributor of National Instruments for industry and research institutions in Slovenia and Croatia. NI is one of world’s leading designers and manufacturer of reliable test and measurement systems. As part of NI mission, we equip engineers and scientists with systems that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery.

About NI

NI accelerates productivity, innovation, and discovery through an open, software-defined platform. This approach helps you develop and increase the performance of automated test and automated measurement systems.

For more than 40 years NI empowers engineers and scientists with a software-defined platform that incorporates modular hardware and an expansive ecosystem. This proven approach puts users firmly in control of defining what they need to accelerate their system design within test, measurement, and control. NI’s solution helps build high-performance systems that exceed requirements, quickly adapt to change, and ultimately improve the world.


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