ADAS Data Logger

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) sensor test groups are required to record raw field sensor data during road testing to accurately identify and train the ADAS and autonomous vehicle ECU software. Vehicle, driver, and environment safety demand an increased number of high-bandwidth ADAS sensors or changes in the vehicle design that result in high volume of recorded data, even under extreme time-to-market pressure. NI’s PXI-based ADAS datalogging solution can help:

  • Synchronizes sensor interfaces down to the microsecond accuracy
  • Interfaces with various I/O, including automotive networks, GMSL and FPD Link cameras, radar, and general-purpose I/O
  • Records terabytes of data (up to 6 GB/s) with NI or third-party redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) storage that joins the PXI system easily
  • Uses flexible sensors and PXI modular hardware to collect data
  • Adapts to meet your data recording requirements now and in the future


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